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About us

A few years ago, I gathered up the Long (and Cloud) family recipes (as well as some favorites from Parkwood Blvd.) and printed a cookbook as a family Christmas present. It was a big hit but before long, friends and family were asking for more.  Rather than print another book, I decided the best way to share these family treasures was a website. Today, it makes me smile to know that friends and family use Long Family to make dishes that bring back great memories -- I couldn't be happier!

For me, I can feel my Grandma Cloud wrapping her arms around me when I smell her Chicken and Noodles simmering on our stove.  I picture myself surrounded by family and friends on a summer evening, sitting at a wooden picnic table in a neighbor's backyard on Parkwood Blvd, when I dig into a meal of Finnerty's Chicken Wings and my mom's Potato Salad and Baked Beans. Many of my fondest memories seem to involve food: Thanksgiving meals around the table with family, my mom's tasty chocolate chip cookies, hanging with my brothers while slow-cooking something on the Weber at Mid-Ohio, and summer meals on our deck with my family.

I've often read that aromas help implant memories, and this really seems to be so in my life.  I'm pleased to share these recipes and memories with you and your friends through this site.  Here's to home cooked meals, good friends, and family!


Tedd Long
Sylvania, Ohio

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